Life, health & wealth

Energy and happiness

Energy: How to get more energy

The miracle cure for more energy called sleep. In addition, there are several factors that affect how much energy and profit you have.

Happiness and joy

Happiness and joy

What is the essence of a good life? Why are you happy (or unhappy)? And what does science (happiness research) about happiness?

Success: How to be successful

Success: How to be successful

What is success and how do you do that? Success can mean many things. It can be to lose weight 10 kg, earning his first million, or get an Olympic gold.

Personal Change

Personal Change: How to Get a Better Life

Humans as a species are experts at adapting to changes in the environment, they say. But can you create the changes you want in your life?

Memory: Remember more

Memory - you may remember 3x better

You can teach yourself to remember better. Memory defines who we are. It helps us to look back on the past to plan the future, and to enjoy the time here and now.

Get rich within a few years

Get rich within a few years

Internet is flooded with tips on making money and how to get rich quick, mostly nonsense. There is still room for useful and sensible contributions on this exciting topic.

Dieting and weight loss

Dieting: The worlds best diet tips

Dieting is often more complicated than it needs to be. Here are some effective diet tips and weight loss techniques that make the pounds of fat drain away quickly.

Helath: How not to get sick

Helath: How not to get sick

Good health is very important for quality of life, but there is no platitude. What do you do to stay healthy?

Astral Projection

Astral Projection: Exit your body!

Join us out of the body! Having studied and tried astral projection, we have achieved increased awareness, visited distant galaxies and other dimensions. Do not believe us? Try also, and judge for yourself!

Witchcraft & wealth

Witchcraft works, and gives astonishing results

Our skeptics laughed witchcraft, but was put on trial by the panel. Witchcraft they tried gave results that astounded us all.

Truth about Numerology

Numerology and the truth about yourself

A numerologist can tell you almost everything about you. Your name is no accident, and with the help of numerology, you can find out new things about yourself and about the world.

UFO & alien encounters

Close encounters with aliens and UFO

We have been in contact with expert claiming to have daily contact with aliens. What you will read here will surprise and shock you, but the experts say they do not expect to be believed by the public.

Binaural sounds

Binaural sounds can make you happier

Recent research results have shown that certain pleasurable sounds can actually make you happier. Here are some tips for people who want to try for yourself.

Confidence and self esteem

How to build confidence and self esteem

Most of us have periods where you want the higher self. The solution is to find out what gives high confidence, and what results in low self-esteem just for your person.