Happiness and joy

What is the essence of a good life? Why are you happy (or unhappy)? And what does science (happiness research) about happiness?

Happiness and joy

Are you happy? Why or why not?

Happiness is a feeling, and we all know what there is. Some are even happy, perhaps most of us, but many also have problems with depression or they are unhappy.

A program to increase the feeling of happiness

Psychologists David M. Buss and Randy J. Larsen has created a summary of advice from a number of psychologists who have researched happiness, in chronological order of importance:

  1. Spend time with other people. Especially friends, family and people you love in. The common property of the people who are happy are a disposition to feel a kind of satisfaction when one is together with other people.
  2. Seek challenges and meaning in the work. Happy people like what they're working on, and they work hard at what they do.
  3. Be helpful to others. It helping others can make you feel better and it makes you feel that your life matters.
  4. Spend time on yourself. Make all the small activities that give you pleasure. Do not wait until you finally get the time to do your favorite activity or hobby, but the lag time. Make time for things that give you joy in everyday life.
  5. Stay in shape. Exercise is associated with feelings of well-being.
  6. Have a plan, but be open to new experiences. You can accomplish more if your life is organized well, but sometimes unplanned things in life provide the greatest pleasures. Be open to new experiences.
  7. Be optimistic. Smile and be happy.
  8. Not let things get blown out of proportion. When something bad happens, it can seem like the world's end. Happy people are able to see things in perspective, they think of things in life that actually goes well despite the circumstances. They think of solutions instead of problems. Ask yourself: " What 's the worst that can happen? " It will help you put things in perspective.

Money and Happiness

It has been said a lot about the relationship between money and happiness, but the wisest words might come from Jules Renard: " If money does not make you happy, then give them to me."