Helath: How not to get sick

Good health is very important for quality of life, but there is no platitude. What do you do to stay healthy?

Helath: How not to get sick

Stay healthy: In brief, good health is a result of proper nutrition, adequate exercise and movement, good hygiene and clothing, adequate sleep and rest, positive thoughts (positive environment helps too) and avoid contagion risks.

Here are some general tips on good health, and avoiding sickness and disease:

  • Good nutrition and proper diet.
  • Good night 's sleep.
  • Clothing should be clean, dry, hot, cool, relieving, and custom footwear.
  • Good personal hygiene and good housekeeping.
  • Recovery after training / competition.
  • Restrict infection risk.

Common sense about good health

This is dangerous for your health: Smoking is not nice. Overweight and obesity is a threat to good health, but thin as a Crane fly is also not good. Sweets, sodas and junk food should not be an everyday occurrence. Alcohol breaks down the body, and drugs and the abuse of medicines kills. Depression, stress and anxiety are like poison to your health. Poor hygiene can cause disease.

Good health at 1-2-3: Daily exercise, movement, and physical education (when they are fresh) provides a strong, durable body. Fresh air, good indoor air quality is good. Laughter and positive environment is as important as good hygiene and cleanliness. Sufficient amounts of restitution and rest, as well as good and experienced night 's sleep. What more? A good and healthy diet based on good ingredients, home made ​​food, minimal pre- produced food. Do not freeze or push your body so much that the immune system is weakened.

Log your health

It may be helpful to write down diseases and ailments that come and go. Write down everything that bothers you, from mild coughs, colds and sore little annoying to more serious illnesses. Please write down also what medicines you use, how the diet has been, and include a comment about night sleep and rest, stress, hygiene and exercise.

This log can give you a better idea of ​​your health than if you just use your own memory.

Tip: Divide the log into sections, for example, one section for each month, with the month name and year heading of each section. Then it will be clearer to look back in history. For months you stay perfectly healthy, you should also write about your health.

When one is sick

Diagnosis and Treatment If you 've been sick must be diagnosed by a doctor. Then you start any treatment of the disease.

Avoid contamination:It is also important to take precautions not to infect others.

Limiting loss of form: An athlete wants to maintain good form, so that he / she does not lose strength and endurance to be sick. This is not always possible, but you can limit any loss of form with certain precautions. If you have a fever, do not exercise, and wait a few days after the fever has disappeared before you start again with light exercise. You can work on other things even when you are sick, such as concentration or mental fitness is important in all types of sports.