Memory - you may remember 3x better

You can teach yourself to remember better. Memory defines who we are. It helps us to look back on the past to plan the future, and to enjoy the time here and now.

Memory: Remember more

Do you remember better? How do you get the answer in the documentary about memory discussed here.

Are you the one who constantly forget where you put your keys? Most people tend to forget a good deal of things, such as what you ate for dinner forrigårs, the name of the new colleagues, time for scheduled meetings, names of people in a movie we just sit and look...

How to improve your memory and related skills

  • First, know the truth: You can train your memory. The brain must be trained to be better.
  • Has not hurt to challenge our brains. Learn chess, a new language, solve mathematical puzzles and thinking tasks.
  • Physical exercise is good for good memory. Physical exercise reduces statistically dementia to occur by 5 years.
  • Combination of physical and mental exercise improves memory. Doctors therefore recommend... dance lessons, or as some doctors call it: " Brain Dance "
  • Visualization helps you remember better.
  • Be social.
  • Reprise: Reading books again, watch replays, browse the photo album...
  • Use acronyms. An example of the documentary is to sing songs that rhyme to help you remember better.
  • Brain is full of " brain waste " that we really do not need. Can you delete useless garbage memories and stressful memories? Scientists do not know yet, but they have figured out how to use chemical agents to erase fears and stressful thoughts in mice. They found out which neurons that were associated with specific memories, and deleted these chemicals. Instead of a facelift, we can get a " brain lift up", sometime in the near future, think brain researchers.
  • Brain Stimulant medications, a sort of viagra for memory, is also one of the future of medicine, but... not yet. Currently, physical and mental exercise is the best medicine to improve memory.
  • Memory sticks in the mind is the future - but even this is something that can help us now.
  • To stimulate memories, it helps to remember the past better. Think back, look at the pictures.
  • We get to meet a woman who can not forget. Her super memory are her most a nuisance, and it shows that having extremely good memory might not be something to aspire either. She remembers all the arguments and crappy life events, and to forget, she says, is the ability to continue life.
  • Forgetfulness is an important part of being human. But when we get older we forget more than what we want, then memory training be the solution.
  • Do not get stressed if you forget something. That's how our memory works. For good memory is thus not required

So there you have it. Now you know how to improve your memory!