Success: How to be successful

What is success and how do you do that? Success can mean many things. It can be to lose weight 10 kg, earning his first million, or get an Olympic gold.

Success: How to be successful

Success is not reserved for a select few. Anyone can be successful if they are willing to provide the necessary and follow some basic principles.

Success can be small victories in life, or the greatest achievement in life.

To achieve success

ToolsToLife have a great video that explains what brings success. They start by telling that success is something individually. Success can be financial or anything that has to do with career, relationships, health, physics, emotions, a big house, a fancy car, or a vacation. They then ask an important question:

What is required to be successful? Is there a magic solution, a " magician tricks " to achieve all your dreams? Is there a secret hidden in a book, movie or audiobook that will solve all your problems? A Shortcut that will take you to your destination faster?

Truth is that success is not a secret. It is not reserved for a select few. In the video below you'll learn about a step by step procedure to achieve success:

  1. Learn a successful system. As soon as you learn the system, you can use it over and over again in every area of your life.
  2. Make it easy. Choose one goal, and make sure it is something you really want to achieve.
  3. Reduce target to something you think you can accomplish during 30 days. It gives us something to believe in, or as they say in the movie: "believe then achieve ".
  4. 20 rule: Write your goal down into 20 specific actions that you can do now to achieve the goal.
  5. Sticky tags with the 20 actions sticker on a visible place.
  6. Visualizations: see yourself with the result. If you can not see it, you can not achieve it.
  7. Affirmations: Act like you have already achieved your goal. This is called telling the truth in advance.
  8. Achievers: select action (s) from the 20 goals you have written down, and do it today.
  9. Be consistent: do not think " I 'll do it tomorrow ", but decide to be consistent for 30 days. It is after all only 30 days. Do it NOW.
  10. Repeat all these steps every day for thrity days.

Success principle

Have you ever wondered why others are wealthy, successful, have good health and are always happy, and how you too can get this in your life? This question Mack Michaels, the man behind the popular concept Success Principle.

It's really not hard to get everything you dream of in this world. Money, fame, be popular, be happy, healthy and have good health and be happy with yourself and your life. Success is something that everyone can achieve, says Mack Michaels.

NOTE: Unfortunately we do not have the opportunities to go into detail on Success Principle, as this violates copyright laws. We have removed the details from this page, but you can read all about success principle here.

Quotes on Success

Albert Einsteinsaid: "Try not to become a successful man, but a man of value."

Michael Jordan explains his success this way: "I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times I have been appointed to conduct the decisive shot the ball wide. I made​the mistake of over and over again in my life and that is the reason for my success."