Weird business ideas that made someone rich

There are incredibly a lot of things on the internet that people actually make money. Here we collect the most remarkable inventions that made some people a little richer.

Weird business ideas

Getting rich the weird way: What are you doing for a living? And how did you get wealthy? Some people may respond in the most intriguing ways. Learn how some fortunes in this world was made, and how you can duplicate the success.

You do not study at the university to earn money. Read about the strangest and (in some cases) ingenious ways to make money on the internet:

  1. Make money by copying genius traders. You have probably heard of eToro, it's a social investment network that has gained insane popularity in the last years. At the time of writing there are millions of traders using this social investment network. The cool thing with eToro is that you can copy any of the millions of traders, and some of these eToro-users are simply pure investment geniuses. Auto-copy through the eToro CopyTrader is something so great it should be on your bucket list. Just remember that there are no guarantees to actually earn any money here, and you should understand all risks before getting involved.
  2. Selling pixels is an idea that belongs to the past, but it was a great success as Alex from did this in 2005. He sold 1 million pixels (the tiny dots you see on your computer screen when you press your face right up to the pixels). The boy was dollar millionaire while studying him.
  3. Server money using new t-shirt every day. Jason from has previously been involved in everything from graffiti to advertising, and finally came to the conclusion that there could be money to make various YouTube videos and disclose themselves on the internet - with a new t - shirt every day. This earned him a few hundred thousand in a year, and today he has been a partner with the team, Evan White. The two earns a good salary each on this.
  4. Alchemical gold mine: Seattle- based Eli Reich worked as a consultant for a company that was involved in wind power. One day, carrying his bag stolen, and decided to use free of debris and scrap metal to create their own special carrying cases and eventually wallets. Now the concept of flash is a big business for the man.
  5. Domain inventor. A domain name costs little if it is not already registered by others. There are still many good domain name that no one has registered, but it is not always easy to find good names. Here's Eugene Gromov on the field. He discovered that software companies had difficulty finding available domain names that were good and catchy. He now works full time to find good domain names to other companies.
  6. Selling a grilled cheese sandwich online auction. A lady from Florida let out an old grilled cheese sandwich on eBay and sold it for $ 28,000. During grilling cheese had received a note reminiscent of a Jesus - figure, and that was enough to trigger buy seekers.
  7. Earn money by telling others how to make money on eBay. Tom Barnes has had great success as an eBay seller. He sells everything and use creative techniques to make millions of dollars on the internet. Now he found that he could make money selling a guide on how he makes money on eBay.

PS: We will continuously into new concepts here as they appear. New ideas will be added at the bottom of this list.