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Money-making systems

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" This system I earn at least $ 171,168.06 every month and you can start using it 15 minutes from now. "

The quote above comes from Mack Michaels, the founder and mastermind behind DotComSecrets X system. This unique concept was developed based on What Mach Michaels could not think of a job:

  • I want no boss telling me what to do
  • I do not want other people to decide over my time
  • I do not want to wake up to an annoying alarm clock
  • I do not want to be part of the traffic in the morning rush hour
  • I do not want to be long away from home and my family
  • I do not want to worry about the expenses and bills
  • I do not want to gjrøe requiring training or education
  • I do not want to waste my life by working for someone else
  • I do not want to be told what to do
  • I do not want others decide how many days holiday to wear

Free up those points on the NOT list on Mack Michaels down to develop a history of the internet really big monetary systems: DotComSecrets X.

He continued on to define what he wants in a job:

  • I want to work from home or another place by my desire
  • I want to have a job that gives me all the time I need
  • I want to spend more time with my family
  • I want to an income that gives me and my family that we need
  • I want to be able to travel there I want
  • I want to work with something I really like
  • I will make at least as much as a doctor
  • I want my job will be easy to do
  • I want to work only a few hours every day
  • I will make money even if I work or not (automatic income)
  • I will start making money right now
  • I want to get rich without working around the clock

This list of what Mach Michaels wants and previous list of what he wants may look impossible to achieve in practice. He described what would have been a dream situation for most of us. Nevertheless, he has now developed a monetary system that makes it possible to achieve exactly this.

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