Start an online store

Start your own online store and earn money selling goods over the internet. Today, almost all have to start up a shop on the internet. There are ready-made solutions you can use.

Start an online store

Want to start an online store, you must first know how to go forward. All you really need is a one-click webshop installer, and most quality webhosts provide such services (we use Bluehost for our webshops, which has been great).

The easiest way to start an online store is by using one-click installers such as the one that can be found at Bluehost. You don't need any technical skills to start a webshop by using their services.

More and more people want to drive for themselves or start up a business. To start the online store has been a natural choice for many entrepreneurs.

You need to start the online store:

  • Idea what to sell
  • A registered company
  • An online store solution
  • A payment system
  • + many other small details!

Many to start an online store it is confusing to know where to begin. To avoid common mistakes and to get as good a start as possible, it is advisable to read a bit about it to start an online store.

Webshop entrepreneur: Tips & reads

Here you will find articles about all that is relevant for e-commerce entrepreneurs:

  • Starting business: How to Register and starting a business. Which form of business organization that is best for you and other related information.
  • Products / Range: Where to find things to sell? Can you make something yourself? How to import products.
  • dropshipping allows you to conduct online store with inventory. What you do is take orders in the usual way as all other online stores do, but the difference is that you send the orders on to the wholesaler who in turn send to the customer. Read more about dropshipping.
  • Shop Development: What systems exist to develop online store, and what you can do yourself to develop their own online store.
  • Domain and hosting is a necessity for conducting commerce. See tips and advice in the article domain and hosting.
  • How to get clients to your online store. This article on search & SEO has information on how to get customers to your online store using SEO / Search Optimisation, advertising on the Internet and in other media.
  • Good Payment is a must for your online store to function effectively.
  • Logistics and Distribution must be functional and cost effective.
  • Making Money is a section on the website where you get inspiration and tips on what you can do to make the most money on your online store. Read the article how to make money.

We can highly recommend Bluehost to anyone considering starting an online store.